Primary Trade:
Acrobatics, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Aerokinesis, Journeyman

Out of Character


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Eltrik Serpa

  • Agile
  • Alert
  • Cunning
  • Empathetic
  • Nimble
  • Quick
  • Whimsical
  • Description

    Physical description

    Eltrik Serpa was born a skink, he stands between three and four feet tall with horns that curl backwards, similar to the way an Ibex’s horns curl. His skin is made up of smooth bluish purple scales with some rather small spines on his back and some larger ones lining the backs of his arms where his elbows are. His eyes are a bright yellow and his face is pointed at the chin with small horn-like structures lining his jaw bone. Despite his short stature he’s moderately thin and extremely fast and agile. His legs don’t have forward facing knees and his clawed feet have four toes. Three in the front and one three quarters of the way down his shin. (Similar to birds here on earth) As for his clothing he normally wears a long sleeved shirt in a deep shade of cyan with a dark purple vest over top. His arms have brown leather bracers wrapped in a darker cloth with sheathes for blades built in to the part closer to the joint in his arm. His pants are a rough torn brown with a black belt that has a silver emblem on it and his boots are black and pointed at the tip. The tops of his boots are folded downwards. He has no visible weapons on him.


    The purple skink is a quick-witted individual with a knack of getting into trouble despite his mastery of stealth and speed. That being mentioned, his prowess with his short daggers makes quick work of whatever trouble he’s gotten himself into. He may be cunning and have a slightly mysterious air to him, but he’s fun-loving and somewhat shy when it comes to getting personal with others. But at times he can be extremely hostile depending on the situation.


    Eltrik lived with his tribe for the first ten years of his life, but he was tirelessly trying to find a way to leave and join the rest of society and marvel at the rest of the world. He could hardly do that without leaving everyone behind, so at age twenty he set out onto the world regardless of him being in line of the next shaman. He had never trained his magical ability, he just innately knew how to control the air around him, giving him an edge in small fights with others at his young age. He used the air to enhance his movements and speed and to give a lower speed to his opponents by applying a higher pressure to where they were going to move. But he was nowhere near untouchable. An unexpected blow to the back of his leg pulled him out of his advantage for two years, after that he decided it was time to leave. For the next eight years he spent his life wandering in nature, attuning his abilities and skills with his blades. It wasn’t until two years later he decided to return to society as a mercenary and assassin. Over his time in civilization he’s been moderately successful, being hired as a guard and often to take out small criminal leaders as he is not certain if he’s ready to take on the bigger ones.
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