masculine (male)


Primary Trade:
Illegal Artistry, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Music, Journeyman

Out of Character


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Darrok Iafel

  • Charismatic
  • Determined
  • Enduring
  • Quick
  • Resilient
  • Shrewd
  • Vain
  • Description

    WARNING: Contains graphic content for more mature audiences.

    As a Lukuo, Darrok could be differentiated because of the mutations that simply could not be hidden. Saiga horns just above his thin ears, two 'thumbs' on the top of his draconic wings, bone spikes coming out at each rib of the wing. He was also a pitch, midnight black, every single inch of him outside his white bone spikes and horns. However, when you shine a certain light on him, such as a stage light or moonlight, he has an intricate silver pattern on his very short-fur that shimmers. However, in sunlight, it does not appear.

    His mother was an entirely metallic silver pendragon, quite the beauty in the upper class that was sought after by many. Her name was Daola. She had taken a secret one-night affair with a feydragon (from the Rauamaak clan, who was known to mingle more with non-feydragons) whose beauty mesmerized her during her heat cycle and which consequently got her pregnant. She was rejected by her social circles with two weeks when she started to show and she revealed what had happened to her parents. Daola moved to Bhim from Ajita with enough money from her parents to get her to work in a factory, but hoped her child would die. Devasted and on the streets with about to lay her egg, she was taken in by Darrok who also worked in the factory and whose beauty captured him completely. Her heart won by him, an entirely poor, but determined black pendragon named Vritak who she eventually married shortly after her daughter's birth (and Darrok's half-sister) Arra Iafel (taking on her step father's name). He did this to protect Daola from the judgments of society.

    Arra, Darrok's half-sister, was one of the most beautiful creatures, a silver part-feydragon, part-pendragon, standing at almost 5 feet with magnificent translucent wings in a moth style (as was common for the Rauamaak clan feydragons). While Daola took care of her, Vritak worked in the factories, but was taking night courses through a mentor in the sciences to make their application look better for the Xabu moon colony, the announcement of relocating Bhim residents still standing. He wanted to provide a better life for his stunning wife, daughter and newly born Darrok who was growing so quickly and showing natural talent in music. He borrowed heavily from what can be termed as a 'loan shark' in order to finance his education, in addition to the rich needs of his wife who knew no other life and whom Vritak could not say no to. The bill came due when Darrok was about 18, the same day Vritak and Daola left Arra to his care to scout for a place to live at Xabu. On their journey, they were killed by these loan sharks. They came to Darrok to exact the rest of the debt, and he agreed to work for them, being naturally very strong and menacing-looking, but asked to continue his career in music so his sister would not know he was working with the same people who killed their parents. Secretly, he wanted to rise in ranks until he found out who was responsible to lend so much knowing his parents could not repay it.

    By profession, Darrok became a rather successful concert pianist and solo violinist in the style of what could be similar to Earth's New Age. Most of his success can be attributed to the network he gained through the illegal crime network that spread from, but was saturated in, Bhim. Darrok also used his profession as a cover to what he was really doing in the world of crime. He was so young at his parents' passing, and so bitter towards his father whose foolish decisions cost him his mother's life, and the lies spread in the organization he worked for, that he was convinced that the illegal activity was a way of punishing the foolish and was consumed by the power that came from exacting debt from others. He never killed another, bounty hunters were used for that, but he was involved with torture for those people most likely to pay back but needed motivation, causing many much pain in secret.

    Darrok over eleven years became very successful in his illegal activity, having been mentored by many and his natural eloquence and his profession bringing credibility to his social circles. In that time, he was able to move them in a nice home, pampering his sister to all her needs. Arra was the most eligible bride in all more elite Ajita social circles, like her mother Daola, but moreso because of the rarity of her part-feydragon side and the beauty it brought her. One day when Arra went to one of Darrok's concerts and tried to find him afterwards caught him extracting a layer of skin from a takula's back, one who owed some huge amount of money to Darrok's secret organization. Darrok stopped mid-"roughing up" of the taruke at the exclamation of his sister's stifled gasp, the screams still filling the air as he tried to explain to his sister he did this all of this for her. The bodyguards with Darrok tried to restrain her from revealing the secret, but Darrok convinced them to let her go, knowing if he was going to repair their relationship, he could not force her to accept it or be in his presence. He knew she needed some space. Arra, not speaking a word, ran back home, mind racing that her brother was in league with those who killed their parents and was no better than them. A thought came to her mind - of someone who might be able to help her. Many of those in her circles was talking about a powerful feydragon in their midst that had rather deep magic ties to Fronima and was in the business of cosmetic artistry in manipulating by illusions to bring beauty to achieve the unrealistic expectations for beauty for elite socialites in Ajita. These illusions were negatively charged and had its price - this feydragon named Gartok was also known for his darker magic. Arra went to him in secret, and asked him if it was possible to get her brother back, some type of magic to get him to stop, change to be the same brother she knew eleven years ago, the happy, happy-go-lucky musician she knew when her parents were alive. Gartok made a deal with her - in exchange for her becoming his apprentice, having feydragon blood from Rauamaak had great access to Fronima, he would give the gift of empathy which was the cure to his pride.

    By the time Arra got home, Gartok's gift had been completed - the gift of 'empathy' which would bring Darrok back to humble beginnings. What Arra did not know, was that there was a deeper price to be paid with dark magic, and that this gift was a curse. Darrok would feel all the pain he's ever inflicted, and will inflict, on others, to personally know what they're going through. He was spralled on the ground, seizing, in and out of consciousness, and when fully awake would be screaming for the amount of pain he was in, begging Arra to help him, blood seeping from multiple orfices. Darrok had inflicted so much pain in the last decade, and was responsible for so many deaths brought about by giving orders to bounty hunters. The pain was clearly brinigng Darrok close to death. Arra rushed back to Gartok, and begged for her brother's life. In exchange for indentured servitude for the rest of her life, a contract bound by magic where she would be completely obedient to him, even against her will, he would save her brother's life. Arra agreed, thinking she was taking a curse upon herself in exchange for ridding the curse from her brother.

    Gartok tricked her, because of the technicality of the agreement, he worsened Darrok's curse. Darrok would not die or pass out from the pain he felt from inflicting on others, but the curse of empathy would remain. But as with all curses, there was a countercurse - the moment Darrok became the man Arra wanted him to be, Arra would be free from her indentured servitude and obedience to Gartok. Arra was allowed to go home to bring her brother back to health, tell him of the events that transpired, and the requirements for her release.

    That was one year ago - since then he continued his work in illegal activities, but only for causes that were just in the attempts to achieve his sister's freedom - a type of 'Robin Hood', but in such a way to not raise suspicions of him going against the organization he was a part of. He also discovered that the chronic pain he felt - from all the residual pain he caused others - could only be relieved through playing music. He increased his musical performances, and can be found having his violin case frequently by his side and in the streets playing, silver patterns glimmering on his fur in the moonlight became rather popular and he received a pretty coin by doing these street performances. He did not do it for the money - he could be doing it professional on stage for much better money - but merely to stop the pain and enjoy the calmness his music brought to others which he could feel. He is still tempted by power, wanting to avenge his parents' death, being so close to finding the head of this crime organization, and is struggling everyday to become the man his sister Arra wanted him to be. Darrok is far from meeting that goal. He misses his sister, the last member of his family, dearly and is intent on saving her from her indentured servitude from the feydragon Gartok, even if it meant giving up revenge.
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