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feminine (female)


Primary Trade:
Dancing, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Seduction, Journeyman



Out of Character


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Caeluma V27

C, Cael, Luma
Currently wandering around. Oct 25, 2014
  • Alluring
  • Dedicated
  • Elegant
  • Friendly
  • Graceful
  • Lithe
  • Seductive
  • Description


    Caeluma is a young Aquabat with dark pale blue or indigo short fur with a pale greyish blue underbelly and facial mask. The young girl has a very slender, but well tone body to attract anyone to glance at or want to touch it. Long lavender hair that has two bangs of hair that matched the hair on the back of the head is held with a single golden bead and the rest in the front is cut and styled. Her eyes are a light pink, but you look into them they seem to peer into the soul of whoever she looks at. On her back are two well pronounced scars, where wings would have been.

    Caeluma wears very little clothing, but most of the time she is in her dancing attire, which is top wraps or belly dancer top and a variety of either skirts, half-pants or shorts that she could dance in as long as they are breathable. Her tail is long and slender with a well-kept fin membrane of a cyan like color. The young Aquabat’s tiny claws are dull, but appear to be sharp from a distance and between her toes and fingers are the same color membrane webbing like her tail.


    Caeluma is a rather sweet loving individual that enjoys the life of the parties as long as she is teasing, playing and dancing for others. At times or most of the time she is a very shy person when talking to people without it being through any form of method of dancing. During situation, she usually keeps her head cool and calm to think things through, but she does have her outburst at times especially if annoyed by someone. Although when she gets irritated, she most of the time would walk away and tell her friends or someone to take care of this problem as she cooled off.


    Caeluma was born on the eastern side of Swaraj in a nomadic tribe, close to the ocean. During the birth there were complications, but in all miracles the child survived, but the wings were badly damaged or deformed. Over a couple to few years later, her parents determined to get the deformity fixed or solved, but the results came back that if not treated it would end up killing her. In whole the determining factor of the situation was to remove the wings completely leaving the girl with two scars on her back.

    After a couple more years, the youngling started to learn the art of dancing and seduction, the art to allure and entice others through the methods of moving her body in a rhythmic form. She was a rather fast learner on the different styles of dancing and seduction arts that she would also been considered a higher level than she was. During her years of apprenticeship of dancing and seduction, she was always close to journeyman level of her techniques, but there were things that were off at times. At the age of twenty-four she was considered and progressed into next rank of her skills under dancing. When she reached twenty-six her skills in seduction was considered superb.

    At the age twenty-seven, Caeluma decided it was her time to go out and explore the world for all the glories and wonder. She is also trying to figure out her part in this place as both a dancer and seductress.
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