Primary Trade:
Herbology, Apprentice
Secondary Trade:
Writing & Literature, Apprentice

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Brio Lustrare

  • Elegant
  • Empathetic
  • Graceful
  • Knowledgeable
  • Observant
  • Whimsical
  • Wise
  • Description

    WIP Personality

    Brio shows natural grace in all her movement much like a dancer. She has light silvery gray fur, along with a pale lavender markings. Her eyes are large and clear, a unique sea green color, that looks more blue or green depending on the lighting. She has a slim and slender body, more feline-like then you would expect by her canine-like facial features. She is a bit on the tall side for a typical Pendragon female. Her wavy black hair falls to the middle of her back.

    She always wears her hair in some sorta braided style, weather just one long braid, herringbone, lace, or swiss braid. She also can normally be found with one or two pretty hair pins in her hair. She normally dresses in light flowing fabrics, in pastel shades, white, and neutral colors. Simple silk gowns, and intricate embroidery are her typical look. She is also a fan or waist cincher corsets.
    Brio was born and raised in Dexmous, a pretty little cliff-side village in Boreios Sudesha, just outside Erugata. She is the youngest of five siblings, four older brothers, and one older sister to be exact.
    Father - Stylo Vin Lustrare. Born in Boreios Sudesha. He was the only living child of the wealthy Lustrare family. His late brother Thom having died at the age of sixteen after falling from a tree and braking his neck. And his late sister Pisa whom committed suicide at the age of twenty-six. He inherited the grand Lustrare estates when he was only nineteen, after both his parents died in a fire. He was a rather famous toxicologist, having invented a deadly poison called Maramoe, and a medication that helps slow the symptoms of KKG. He died of Dermallaghica fifteen years ago.
    Mother - Kelda Lustrare (nee' Bellaqeux). Born in Aurius. She is the oldest child of three. Only Daughter of the well known noble family Bellaqeux. The Bellaqeux's are noted for their charitable works over the last few decades, and the fact that they are very rich, but not so much powerful. Kelda is a well known writer/illustrator of children's books, having publish three dozen books over the last twenty years. She is also one of the few vegetarian Pendragons.

    Brother - Lysander Lustrare. Born in Aurius.
    Brother - Jo'Vanni Lustrare Born in Aurius.
    Sister - Crowenda Vozbink (nee' Lustrare)
    Brother - Brogg Lustrare
    Brother - Ky'Gel Lustrare
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