androgynous (male)
Inventor / Machina Repair


Primary Trade:
Machina Technology, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Technical Engineering, Journeyman
Tertiary Trade:
Telekinesis, Journeyman

Out of Character


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Astald Lyts

Mansukh Mechanic (only around the not so legal groups)
Slightly singed, dinged, and battered. Just another day in the shop. Aug 16, 2014
  • Agile
  • Alert
  • Clever
  • Disciplined
  • Insightful
  • Shy
  • Wiry
  • Description

    Small for an Anubi, and often mistaken as a child, Astald is only four feet tall and a deep red hue on his upper half his lower extremities and tail are black that fades into the red at the hips and a black pinstripe up the back all the way up the back of his head to his nose. Over his arms and around his neck weave tattoos infused with fronima, a gift from a stranger he met in his travels. Every inch of him appears as any of the Anubi, strong, slender, atheltic... except for translucent insectiod wings on his back that can fold down neatly against his back. Those wing*s speak to the other half of his parentage, his father being a Feydragon. His mother, as was custom, took her egg and abandoned it somewhere she knew it would be taken care of.

    As he grew his inclinations toward the mechanical became apparent. His slender fingers and keen sences were great assets in his self teaching. Astald began making machina smaller and smaller, carefully constructing amazing little devices and trinkets. At fourteen, he ran away from his caretakers and made his way all over Ramath-lehi using his skills in building and fixing machina to make his way. Early in his travels he came across a Feydragon that permitted him to stay with him for several days. While there he was given the gift of fronima infused tattoos that glowed bright blue and extended even down to his fingers. Unfortunately he never knew that the Feydragon had been his father. Astald finally found himself in the Mansukh area. There he clothed himself with a hood. The cloth is kept ridgid around the opening for the face with fine wire that accordians back when he wishes to draw it back (much like a larger version of a dyer vent tube). The rest of the cloth extends down his front to his knees and back splitting and resting on either side of his tail, and keeping his odd wings hidden. When not in public view he doesn't wear much of anything aside from the occasional protective gear for harsh chemicals, flames, hot metal and the like.

    Being without parents for so long he's figured he was better off without them and has yet to attempt to find them, or even want to. In Mansukh, Astald has made a bit of a name for himself as the fix-it sort, and in certain circles the one to go to if you need a gadget for a certain job.

    Mechanical Genius

    Need something specific, repairs, modifications? Inquire at your local bar.

    Was that a Nioti?

    Caught a glimpse of a small Anubi digging through scrap. Should you follow?
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