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Primary Trade:
Healing, Apprentice
Secondary Trade:
Necromancy, Apprentice

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Ashandra Gha'Nalis

  • Alluring
  • Cunning
  • Eloquent
  • Graceful
  • Knowledgeable
  • Persuasive
  • Seductive
  • Description

    At First Glance
    With fur as black as night, Ashandra easily blends into the darkness around her. She prefers to move at night for just this reason. Her blue eyes are the only spot of brightness or color visible. Perhaps the most obvious feature she possesses, however, is also the most disturbing - her lack of a tail or wings. She rarely meets the eyes of those whom she interacts with, always glancing this way and that, as though expecting an attack at moment. She appears young, as well - certainly younger than her 19 years, closer to perhaps 16.
    Economics and Timeline of Ashandra's Life
    120 earned per month, 30 per week.40 spent on food and basic necessities per month, leaving 80 per month for other purchases and travel expenses.
    Mid Dyo (Week 1) - +30 khasi
    Mid Dyo (Week 2)- +30 khasi
    Mid Dyo (Week 3)- +30 khasi
    Mid Dyo (Week 4)- +30 khasi

    Late Dyo - +120 khasi
    Early Tria - +120 khasi
    Mid Tria - +120 khasi
    Late Tria - +120 khasi
    Early Tressia - +120 khasi
    Mid Tressia - +120 khasi
    Late Tressia - +120 khasi
    A More In-Depth Look
    Ashandra was discovered in the refuse and trash when she was barely a week old. By the time she was ten years old, her wings had been shorn off by a particularly twisted shop keeper when she had been discovered stealing from his shop. At thirteen years old, her tail had suffered a similar treatment. She still bears the horrid scars of these events, both mentally and physically.

    Ashandra has no home, nor any people she can call her own. She grew up on the streets, alone and forgotten, fending for herself, and that has not changed as she has aged. She wanders, collecting information like precious jewels, and falling deeper and deeper into madness and darkness.

    As a child and young adult, Ashandra did whatever she had to, in order to survive. This included stealing, and even prostitution when there was an interest in her young body - and her need was great enough. After the loss of her wings and tail, however, such interest in her waned to nearly non-existance, as her scars were too obvious, her freakishness were too plain to see for even the casual glance.



    Scavenges items from ruins. 30 khasi earned per week, 120 per month, on average.


    No wings, no tail. They were carved from her body between the ages of 10 and 15.
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