Clothing designer


Primary Trade:
Fashion Design, Apprentice
Secondary Trade:
Machina Technology, Apprentice

Out of Character


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Arvs Raram

  • Creative
  • Cunning
  • Elegant
  • Graceful
  • Shy
  • Tireless
  • Vain
  • Description

    Arvs was always the black sheep of the family, quite literally. His small if feminine frame stands at little over 5ft with ears of around 4 inches in length. Arvs’s fur is black marked down the spine by a single jagged white line that reaches to his tailflame of matching colour. Eyes as blue as the icy waters of the northern coasts. His face is marked with the tattoos of the Sompjufylv Tribe his black nose creating a contrast if only a little. Although Arvs has adapted and has been living in the city of Aurius he still retains many of his natural attributes of a Yki. From the now manicured hook-like claws to the thick velvet soft fluff protection between digits. As it seems he would appear to be almost a city born Yki if it wasn’t for his mildly thicker than needed overcoat. Upon his left ear hangs a tiny silver bell clipped to two rings. Arvs’s hair is around shoulder length, black with streaks of metallic dye. Braided completely in thin tight braids.

    To explain the strangely civilized Yki one has to look deep in those cold blue eyes.

    Arvs was a rare kit. Black furred unlike his brothers and sisters. At the very first look his parents knew that this one could never be a warrior. His slowly growing body showing more of a female form, than warranted for a male. When the time came for his education the young kit quickly found an affinity for fabrics and cloth making. Living near the coast allowed rare trade goods from the south to be available including something that drew his fancy. It was a mundane item as far as a normal pendragon was concerned but to this curious Yki the sewing machine was a wonder. For the next couple of years he’d spend trying to learn more of the outside world as possible before darting back home to fiddle and work with the machine. Many of the tribe thought him very odd and ignored his existence others helped him learn how to survive in Dhruv. By the time he was 15 he was a master of quick fixes, general stitching, and would have a new outfit ready for himself in each month. But it was also his year of the hunting test. Arvs though fearing the killing part was rather well prepared for the cold and conditions. Sadly he had failed to hunt down and kill anything spectacular, while his more normal brothers came back with things worth more attention. Two more years later he bargained his way out of Dhruv, knowing that he wouldn’t be missed. At least not by the main tribe.

    Now Arvs lives in Aurius, enjoying the chilled depths of the ocean around him. Steadily improving his skills of cloth, learning new technology that he can add and running a small shop of his own personal wares(Hawt Spot). He still visits his family, ignoring the minor glares from some of the more prejudge mental of tribe members.
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