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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Pendzez Zazkex, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. yeah so is there any one that plays WoW?
  2. On Private servers, yes. Generally European ones too 'cos anywhere beyond that gives me insane latency.
  3. Yep, although I haven't been on there in weeks. I play on occasion with my brother who lives on the other side of the country.

    Iversia & Synachi on Shadowmoon & Jaceen on Bloodhoof.
  4. i play WoW aswell the only server you'll find me on is Dath'remar on mahtaitor
  5. I play. but atm i don't have any game time. and i play on a lot of servers. just depends on where i want to be. XD
  6. Are you serious Jodie?!

    I play on Shadowmoon too. Errazib & Mangle. :)
  7. Duuuude, cool! And you're horde too. I'll have to add you. :]

    Seriously though, I'm not on there much at all. I think I've logged in three times since October. I get bored really quickly.
  8. I play. Adusa on Khaz Modan, Alliance.
  9. I do but im on a EU server :c
  10. I have Ishtah on Caelstrazs at least I think that is how it is spelt. I have a rogue and DK all horde atm on other servers but I like my druid too much. I play with family most nights but am getting bored as I can't do the 4 hour in a row stints at the top end anymore. As a result I have been randomly levelling toons to 80 and have a rogue, a druid, a hunter, a pally, a mage and a lock I now need to work on my DK currently 71, my priestess at 41 and my shaman at 36. all horde, all on the same server. I do have some lowbie allies but have not played them in ages. my first toon was a Night Elf druid but my sister wanted me to play on her team with her partner and so the horde rolling began.

    ~Tell me and I forget,
    Show me and I remember,
    Involve me and I understand...~
  11. Simosle, horde side, on Lethon.

    Please don't tell me to play, I just got back here...
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