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  1. I just got a new job in Springfield Oregon at the Franz Bakery.
    So my question is- does anybody else have a job? what is it?
  2. Let's see, I'm a Web Programmer/UI Developer, and I also do some Illustration on the side. I work with computers nearly 24/7. I'm not sure what I'd do if I somehow managed to lose my eyesight, so let's hope that never happens.
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  3. I will put that on my prayer list that Iversia does not lose her eyesight.
  4. Ironically enough today is my last day at work. So maybe I should write everything in the past tense. I am/was a QA tester at EA Games, but the office is shutting down so now I'm just unemployed and my new full time job is looking for a new job.

    Working at a bakery would be delicious!
  5. I was working at a rock club for a while but it closed. Recently had a good few interviews and assesments. :3 May be working again soon.
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