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Thread in 'Help Desk' started by Enalska, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. I didn't know where to put this, hope it's in the right spot!

    So I was wondering... I have points, and I want a new character. But I don't want to give up any of my babies as I made them for a reason and I want to play them soon. But I need my token ass character to vent through(omg I crave the drama), and I haven't heard or seen a thing about character slots, where to get them, how much they'd be or when we'd even be able to use them. I'd really really love this cause I'm really inspired to make this character and it would really help me get even more inspired here and help me settle back into Ramath-lehi and the universe.

    IN SHORT: when will we be able to use our points to buy character slots?

    ALSO, trophy points ARE the points we'd be using to get those neat shop things right? I uh. I hope so otherwise no new character for me ever!

    Thanks in advance~
  2. Haha. XD Once I add that ability. I can see it happening over the next couple of weeks.

    Unfortunately the trophy points aren't the ones we're going to be using... People are actually already accumulating roleplaying points (which I'm calling "glims") by posting in the IC boards. They're just hidden from public view until I finish the algorithms and there's actually something to spend them on.

    As for how much a slot will cost - I'm not sure yet. People haven't been making enough IC posts yet for me to determine a number that I feel is "fair." Even when I do pick one though, I'm sure it'll fluctuate a bit.
  3. Baahh I'll have to work so hard to just get this one more character. I can't wait to see what you do though, how much they cost and like... maybe more ways to get them other than posting. I'm super excited, I really need this guy soon. lD And I love that they're called glims. xD

    Speaking of the trophy points though, are those just to look fancy or will there be a use for those? Cause I thought I had something special that I could use to get some nice things for my account but now I'm not too sure. xD

    Thanks for answering so quick! I appreciate it and I am excite to see if you can get any progress done for the glims and other things done in the next little while~!
  4. At the moment they're just there to look pretty! They *might* be used in order to unlock virtual item categories in the shop though. So for example, if you have 500+ trophy points, you can buy items from a category that everyone under 500 points is unable to access.

    I didn't want to simply use trophy points for character upgrades because there are a lot of people with old, but relatively inactive accounts. So it'd be a little unfair to the people who have been sticking around and helping out. :)

    You're totally welcome to suggest other ways to acquire glims too. I'd love to expand upon it some more.
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  5. I can't imagine what virtual item... thingies you'd buy though, would it be things sort of like custom titles to go under yer name and neat little trophy things? little icons? Basically would you buy things based on OOC prizes with the trophy points? I know that makes no sense but I've rarely, if ever, been on a site that has a shop and you use little point things to buy little account perks with. xD

    And yeah I thought about that, but I would've been more than happy with being able to use those trophy points for something like that, cause I'd only use them to buy one slot cause... s'all I want right now~

    Um hm. If I come up with ideas aside from posting IC to get glims, I'll let you know. Obviously starting threads should be worth more glims than just one post. Maybe after a thread gets past so many posts, the glims you recieve are a little higher than they were normally. Like let's say you get 1 glim for posting, after 20 posts you get 2? 35 you get 3... something like that? If not necessarily that, but it would, I think, encourage people to try and make their threads last longer.

    Also I think giving glims based on yer post count would be cool. An example being you write a post with 300+ words in it you get 3 glims, 400 = 4, 1,000 = 10, 1,500 = 15. I would really love that, it's really what encourages me to try to make nice posts beyond just... because I should on Souls, because you get rewarded for nice, lengthy posts.

    There can be a lot of other IC, rp ways to get glims, but I want to try and come up with more unique things so it's not just a rehash of ways other sites have to earn them? But I think just having them, rehash or not would be fantastic. You can't simply get enough glims to do anything with from posting alone. And this way I think it'd be much less of an arduous task to get enough for character slots, regardless of how much you charge for them, cause there's many more ways to save up!

    I'm so excited for glims and prizes and stuff. I just LOVE it when I can earn little things for perks and things. I'd love it if we could have custom titles and icons(like the little prize icons, except bigger?) for trophy point prizes, along with other things to get for that if I have the right idea with what you were going to do with those. I can't for the life of me thing of any other account perks that would be wonderful to use those for, though.
  6. Pretty much. :) Some ideas for spending glims I have are:
    • Character slots (obviously)
    • Character trait swapping
    • Adding additional trades to a character (cost increments based on how many trades they already have)
    • Upgrading existing character trades
    • Promoting a character's trade to "Grand Master" instead of simply Master
    • Special HTML user titles, with images and the like... plus the ability to gift/prank other users with custom titles
    • Maybe little icons you can either equip your character and/or profile with
    For gaining glims... I'm still throwing around ideas.
    • Starting roleplay threads
    • Replying to roleplay threads with a **bonus** if the last post made was less than 48 hours ago
    • Wiki editing - will be tough, but I'd like to be able to base it on number of bytes
    • Posting to the buzz board
    In character posts will have a word count multiplier, but it'll "cap" at a certain point just so that people don't go overboard. I don't want to promote people having to write massive posts in order to acquire glims.
  7. Ahh those all sound super neat :o I like, I like. But I doubt people would write massive posts just to get glims-- all it does for most, from what I see, is just encourage you to at least make the minium you'd need to start getting glims for them. It wouldn't promote getting glims from having to write "massive" posts, so long as you at least start with getting rewarded for a minimum of 300 words a post. c: Obviously I don't like the idea of a cap, because occasionally I'll be able to pump out a massive post because of inspiration and I want every bit to count since it doesn't often happen! I can't picture people writing 58752378659236 word posts just for glims, cause if they're active enough then it adds up from posting at all, but I'd still love the word count being rewarded. :D

    I love everything you listed though. I can totally see myself spending points and glims to get awesome things. I don't think you could offer enough glims for me to ever touch the wiki though, since I'm horrible at it and the coding is just so hard. I'd only touch it to make character pages, but they have profiles so I see no need to mess with the wiki. I know others feel differently, so having a reward for adding things and stuff would be a wonderful incentive and I absolutely love the idea, so go for it, for sure!

    I can't think of anything else to add personally, if I suggested anything that you didn't put in yer list. Although I can't help but think there's this huge awesomewonderful prize you could offer for an insane amount of points/glims, but I can't... think of what. This is such a great start though, I'm so excited lD
  8. I think starting a worldwide plot / posting in the Expose Revelations should get you a few more points then a regular RP reply. Maybe uploading images?

    This reminds me of when the first talk of achievements came out and one was suggested for every post in a thread to be over 1k words for the achievement of 'Novelist' or 'NaNoWriMo-ist'. I still want to do that challenge someday just for how friggen difficult it would be. I want to see people spending 100 words talking about the importance of a head tilt xD
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    Maybe posting on the Buzz Board too can get you a glim or few! I like the idea of starting a plot to get glims, but maybe not... worldwide. cause I'm never creative enough, or confident enough, so I've never personally be able to get glims from that. Or from the Expose Revelations. u_u

    I like the idea for that achievement O: I think it should be there, but obviously you go for it when you want to so it's one of those you have to work at. Maybe you can get points/glims for getting it too! And we should have our own NaNoWriMo-esque Shadowlack dealio, maybe during the month of the site's birthday? And offer awesome prizes for winning and obviously allow multiple winners. No 1st-3rd places, everyone who finishes wins something. I'd be willing to draw the winners nice things. ;D Hell I'd be willing to draw for winners for any contests or whatever, just so u no. :heart:

    Also I do believe that you should let people voteor give opinions on how many glims some things should be worth. Cause on other sites where they have points and whatever, a lot of them are just ripoffs considering the work you'd need to just get say, one point. So I don't want to see that happen here, at least have everything fair? Like say if you offer glims for a finished thread, depending on the size, it shouldn't be worth 1 glim. Not offering enough reward for things can be really discouraging and most people would then just either be "why bother" with collecting them or putting effort into anything. c:

    Edit: I just thought of this, but will referring people eventually be worth glims/trophy points? Cause I got Raine to rejoin and got another friend, Sam, to join. People who are referred should be rewarded in some way too. O:

    sorry if I'm annoying you with all these suggestions! I keep getting ideas and I'm finally able to like, get them down and maybe do some good to help around here!
  10. I appreciate all of the suggestions. I really do. :) Once I have the glim system all set up, there will be a table that tells you what action is worth what. I imagine that the prices for the prizes and whatnot will fluctuate for a while until things get settled and I have some more reliable metrics (activity is still inconsistent so it's difficult for me to gauge accurately), but I imagine it'll be rather fair for everyone involved once all is said and done.

    Actually, that's the only reason why I mentioned having a glim "cap" per post. While it's absolutely awesome that some people write long posts, I really want to reward people who reply in a timely manner more so than people who write lengthier posts. Not to say that there won't potentially be achievements and the like for people who consistently write really long posts. ^_^ I can save people's word counts alongside their glims, so there's the potential for them to be rewarded based on say, monthly IC post count. Aiming for 50,000 words in a month? We could have awards easily for that sort of thing.

    Referrals are also something that I think would be cool. I'm not quite sure how much I'd award there though. I think the person you referred would have to create a character and also have x amount of roleplay posts in order for the referrer to gain a glim award too.

    Not annoying at all! Keep the suggestions coming. :3
  11. A suggestion for something to spend glims on....change the color of one's little avatar box on the left there. I saw mine newly blackish and my immediate thought was Oh mah gur! Can I change this?! And the answer was no, and I was sad.
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    @Jodie I was wondering that... our watch list shows things that have been posted to, but only if the last poster was someone else, otherwise it shows nothing and says that there's nothing new to update you on. Is there a way to rig that so you can toggle views for all the threads with no new replies and then the ones that do? So say you wanna look at all yer watched threads you just click that rather than "recently replied to watches" or something. Sorry if it IS set up this way( I couldn't see it) and whatnot. I've taken ambien and shall be going to bed shortly but I wanted to get this down before I forgot., xD So if that doesn't make any sense, I was wondering if there was a way to toggle the view from "just recently replied threads" to "all threads you're in" type deal. As I'm going to be using it as a sort f post log. I'm sure there's a way to do this. I'm still learning the new coding of this board so please forgive me if I keep missing basic, simple things. I am learning ;u;

    Also will there be a way to automatically add a character's threads to their profile post log? Sort of like the automatic postlog thing myBB has going on,. That would be really handy. And then you can just edit it for those that are active, finished, dead or archived. It'd be wonderfull.

    And just a curious curious question as it's not that important right now, but when will we be able to play with he relationships tab? How goes that? I noticed it's sitll striked out. o: And how would that work? Would it be like a manual thing where you go in and add in people and how they get along and their thoughts on them and things like that?

    Thanks for humoring my silly ambien-induced late night question shenanigans. :heart:~

    edit: I realize there's a "My Threads" thin for this type of thig, but I'd love one specifically or my WATCHED threads, you know? to separate IC from ooc, and to be able to see my watched threads even if there haven't been any recently replies.
  13. Ahh... I don't want to drag this thread too off topic with talks about other features. In short, things just aren't 100% complete yet.

    Right now there is just a general "Watched Threads" feature. You can see all of your unread threads by clicking on that link. If you scroll to the bottom, you can click on "Show all watched threads" in order to see all of your subscriptions and not just the unread ones.
  14. Thanks. I didn't mean to drag this off too bad, I also didn't wanna just make a million other question threads.

    Thanks a lot for all yer help :D
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