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  1. I shall say it now for I said it then,
    "Forgive me lord for I have sinned."
    Oh how did this happen, how did it begin?
    I remember of his death and when.

    I shall tell you of this man now dead,
    For now he has a hole in his head,
    For now he has been spilt upon the mud.
    The man I killed in cold blood.

    Did this man have those who mourn?
    And from this world his life I torn?
    Should I have listened to his tearful cries,
    As I put a round between his eyes.

    A toast to this man that no one knows.
    For back to the earth his body goes.
    Oh why did I give this man a toast?
    For he was a man but now a ghost.

    So after I have told you of how I sinned
    After I told you of his life now in end.
    I shall I say it now for I said it then,
    "Forgive me lord for I have sinned again."

    Critique and reply please.


    Something wicked this way comes
    As the soldiers beat their drums
    The sinners and their evil ways
    Coming now the end of days

    Can you hear it on the wind
    Soon it comes our very end
    As the stars fall out the sky
    Can you hear the angels' cry

    You try think of times of old
    As your blood it runs so cold
    So do you have a last Request
    Before your body’s put to rest

    You pray to god, You try to run
    He has said this must be done
    For we’ve been twisted by our greed
    And the Angels they agreed

    See it now the Earth does burn
    And Now to Heaven we do turn
    As Hell’s Army beat their drums
    Something wicked this way comes
  2. The fimbulwinter is indeed upon us! Grab your mittens and junction your GFs!
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  4. Though it is not quite clear I am guessing this is the 'poetry thread' are the poems posted your own or just copies / revisions of other peoples works?

    Story teller’s song
    Some one talking/singing to a Story Teller’s statue painted to look almost real

    Tell me storyteller I plea
    Why are you so lonely?
    When the days never pass you by
    Time never seems to fly
    With all of these passers by
    Tell me-

    Tell me a story
    Tell me anything you can
    Tell me about the poor boy
    Who became the richest in the land
    Tell me-

    Tell me a story
    Tell me anything at all
    Tell me about the giant wall
    And of the trees that grow really tall

    Tell me-
    Tell me right
    or tell me wrong
    no one knows because it’s your song
    Tell me-

    Tell me fast
    or tell me slow
    tell me all the things you know
    tell me what’s running through your mind
    the gems in the rough all hard to find
    Tell me-

    Tell me all the special scenes
    Tell me about kings and queens
    And all of the in-betweens
    Princes and peasants with all their dreams
    Tell me-

    Tell me what it is you see
    Tell me all that was to be
    In this world of the triple moon
    Why did it have to end so soon?
    Tell me-
    Silver Dragon<br /><br />-- less than a minute ago --<br /><br />double post I know I am evil. <insert evil laugh here>

    I could…

    I could have died the other day
    When thoughts and feelings were astray
    But fortune has kept me here
    Through fast thinking and bridled fear

    I could have slept the other day
    And smoke would hath stole my breath away
    But it was the dogs I did hear
    Warning me danger was quite near

    I could have chosen not to stay
    But then I’d never have saved the day
    And thinking that I shed a tear
    Wishing only that you were here

    Silver Dragon
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