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  1. On the trade description page, the learning of trades is cited as normally being done through some type of school where students "major" in two particular areas. The character I'm brainstorming would not have attended any kind of formal institution, but instead is learning / has learned from a mixture of self-study and the guidance of a mentor-like figure. Is this possible/acceptable? The primary trade I have in mind is hypnotism, with a secondary trade I'm still deciding, if it makes any difference.

    Also, in the new player guide, I see the red note that characters are in no way obligated to wear clothing! Just from the actual in-world experience, how common is it to encounter characters that prefer to walk around in the nude? In the threads I've looked through so far everyone seems to be wearing something, so how out of place really would someone who goes typically unclothed be?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. To answer your questions... it's perfectly fine if your character hasn't attended any formal institution. There's a handful of characters out there who have acquired their knowledge through mentor-like figures, as well as self-direction. The only really stipulation is that the knowledge must have come from somewhere. It can't just appear out of thin air. :P

    No clothing! Yaaay! I think most people roleplay their characters with clothes simply because *they* feel more comfortable doing so. There are also more threads where characters are quadruped & nude, than bipedal & nude.

    Anyway, public nudity on Ramath-lehi is perfectly acceptable, just as how all variations of sexuality are embraced.

    Although, like in our own world, there would be those who would not want to show their bodies, or have their own belief systems There would also be some that would just find it damned awkward, lol. Events where clothing is "recommended" most likely also exist.

    Out of my characters, Koani and Cayson have probably been nude the most often... and I'd have to say that they're also very confident individuals who are pretty satisfied (vain? lol) in regards to their appearances. So I guess, while nudity is acceptable in society, it really depends on your own character's comfort level (and quite possibly your own).
  3. Phet'knis isn't a big fan of clothing either. (; just to get that out there. probably because i'm not...
  4. Quite a few of my character romp around in the nude XD

    Telbaj, Nudek mainly do not wear clothes unless pressed to or feel like dressing up. lol. Telbaj is a shapeshifter so shes pretty comfortable in her own skin, being that she can look anyway she wants too XD
    Nudek is a treasure hunter, A jungle cat in a sense, and clothes just get in the way of things ya know? Getting your shirt caught on a branch doesnt help when trying to excape something XD And of course, the random times her demonic soul becomes present in her figure, its kind of like the hulk, clothes rip XD So save money and dont wear any!

    My other characters frequent the nude, but often when i RP them they are wearing something, the males usualy wear shorts or something simple, or if i feel that clothes are unnecessary, they walk around stark nekkid. (i guess thats where fur comes in eh? XD )

    Yay for mentors! (I really need to come up with some histories for my characters XD -laaazzyyyyy- -shot- )
  5. Thanks for all the help, guys! If my character is accepted, she'll be a nudie too. ;]
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